What Kind of Inexpensive Token Gifts are Suitable as Christmas Presents

Christmas is only a few months ahead and it is time for the gift giving session. That means creating a list of the people you wish to give gifts and spending a significant portion of your wealth. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Many kinds of inexpensive token and gift items are available that not only do not come off as cheap looking, but also keeps your wallet from lighter.

For the corporate minded, printed promotional pens are a great option for inexpensive token gifts, which are also suitable as a Christmas present.

Music CDs and mixed CDs

Have people in your life who are big AC/DC or Accept fans? Or perhaps a CD of Pink Floyd for your best friend? Your friends can have varied music choices and lots of music files in his or her virtual library but that does not mean you can’t gift them an Audio CD. With the advent of mp3s and iTunes store, the price of Audio CD has come down greatly. It is also a valuable option for a Christmas present, which is why people still gift them to each other. Audio CDs can be obtained under double digits, either online or from your local music store. If you want to save that money, then mixed CDs are the way to go. Crawl through your digital library and burn them on the spare CDs you have lying around.


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