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Modern businesses sometimes use the word QCM (Quality Control Management) indiscriminately without really recognising what it actually means. Any and every measure taken for verification and control of the quality of the service/product basket offered to the customer is known as quality control. The aim of doing strict quality control is that only the best possible quality of products reach the end users and the production processes achieve excellence.

Customer centric organisations

Successful businesses realise early that they have to put the needs of their customers first in order to survive in this fiercely competitive business scenario. Implementing quality control principles will help a business streamline its customer service processes and focus on providing an enriched customer experience. QC not only helps in meeting customer expectations it helps exceed them.


People centric organisations

Organisations thrive on the successful performance of two major groups of people; the leadership and the talent pools. Quality control can help the leadership achieve a strong unity of purpose, a sense of direction and a compelling vision. An environment in which these values are transmitted to the talent pools will create wonders in terms of enhanced productivity levels.

QC can be used to bring out the best performances of the talent pools in a company and this in turn pushes the entire team to give their best performance.

Quality control with a focus on employee involvement seamlessly creates a system where the organisation continually updates itself. Typically there are a lot of business processes running simultaneously in an organisation. When people across all processes sit down and collaborate towards quality improvement the results are more cohesive and functional.

Get the correct channels

You need to locate great channels through which you can promote your products and/or sell your stuff for example if you are a manufacturer then you need good representation on sites like Alibaba.Com. If you want to sell random items then Pinterest and Flickr will give you instant visibility.

The burgeoning interest online means two things. First every product or service that you want to market will have an audience at all corners of the globe. Second, there will also be an online community for the same.